Spaghetti Supper
Ira Michaud
Wednesday, May 01, 2019

It was great to see so many of you at our spaghetti supper and raffle fundraising event last Thursday night. We had a couple hundred folks who came and ate, bought raffle tickets, and overflowed our parking lot all the way out to Route 27. After expenses, our event brought in just over $4000 which will be used to install climbing walls adjacent to our slides and a gaga pit. 
The PTC will discuss what we might install if there is still money beyond that. Thank you again to the businesses who donated and generously supported us - I will do this in more details with my upcoming newsletter. A huge thank you to staff who worked to make the event a great success. Finally, but most importantly, thank you to the following folks who went above and beyond with their support and hard work: to Nicole McKay, Sarah Clarke, and Krystle Hodgdon for support with organizing, getting necessary materials, setting up and tearing down the book fair, and helping to cook; to the Armstead family and Michelle Niemi for the unbelievable artwork (see the attached pictures)...every room was a different fictional setting! Truly amazing work; to Heidi & Barrett Fuller for providing rocks and leading the rock decorating room; to Ellen Verge for support in planning and being our top salesperson for the raffle tickets that went out before the event; Heather Abello for help with kitchen clean up and food preparation; and the family members of above named individuals for pitching in elbow grease for the event.