Dr. Laser, AOS 98 Superintendent
Teacher Appreciation Week! We are fortunate to have great teachers in all our schools, who make special efforts every day to give our learners the best education possible. We thank each one of them for all they do for our children. Their work is for eternity. Thank You!
17 days ago, Dr. Laser, AOS 98 Superintendent
VAPING 101 - Parents. This is a serious health concern and you should talk to your children about the dangers of nicotine. Many kids in our schools are already addicted. http://healthylincolncounty.org/docs/What-You-Need-to-Know-and-How-to-Talk-to-Your-Kids-About-Vaping-Guide-Partnership-for-Drug-Free-Kids.pdf
21 days ago, KL
Evelyn Andrews
Have a question about the balance in your child's lunch account? Bills are sent to home addresses monthly. You can call food service at 633-7131 or enroll at www.k12paymentcenter.com. If you use the website, there may be a fee for their services.
5 months ago, Evelyn Andrews
Evelyn Andrews
The application and information for Free and Reduced Lunch is on your school website. Help is available to fill out the forms. Call your school guidance office, food service or Principal's office for assistance.
6 months ago, Evelyn Andrews
We are always looking for qualified school bus drivers. If you are interested, please contact Dave Benner and he will discuss with you the process to get you behind the wheel.
10 months ago, KL