Dear Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor CSD Community;


We are very close to finalizing a plan that will bring all of our students back to full time in person learning.   You may be aware that we had another burst pipe in BRES this past Saturday.  While that will delay the full reopening of BRES it will not impact our plan to return to in person learning for all students utilizing as few off site locations as possible.


The last items which are underway include:


  • Fire Marshal’s office approval of alternative sites – in process, nearing completion
  • Transportation plan – in process, nearing completion
  • Staff input on plan – happening this afternoon
  • The ability to provide lunches for all students due to the damage in the kitchen – in process
  • Board approval of return to in person instruction – meeting tomorrow night
  • Transition plan to relocate classrooms and shared spaces – in process


These items will all be discussed in more detail tomorrow night at our board meeting and we will update you as we near the transition to full time in person for all students so that you can plan accordingly.


Our BRES Flood Response Team will meet again on Thursday to review the latest test results and the progress on the work completed to date.  A more detailed update on BRES will be released shortly after that meeting.  We will be looking at a phased reopening of BRES.


I want to thank you all for your continued patience and perseverance as we pivot once more to allow all of our students back in person as soon as possible.






Robert Kahler, Superintendent of Schools