Although I’m only completing my fifth day as your Superintendent, I have been graciously included in a number of school and community events throughout the month of June.  Thank you for the warm welcome.

One of the events, was recognition for “Windjammer Heroes.”  Gil Hartman, the general manager of the Spruce Point Inn nominated AOS 98 teachers and said the following:

In the face of the pandemic’s uncertainty and unpredictability, the teachers of AOS 98 schools demonstrated commitment to their work through the willingness and ability to adapt and respond to ever-changing restrictions and requirements for the last 16 months.  Their selfless attitude and enduring commitment to the importance of education is a shining example of public service and evidence of their passion for what they do.  From virtual learning to adapted after school programming, the teachers of AOS 98 schools put their students above all else, supporting children and families throughout the region through the insistence that access to a good education should withstand even a crisis of international scale.  We’re honored to nominate them (you!) as this years Windjammer Heroes as exemplary role models of perseverance in our community. 

That same sentiment has been repeated to me by virtually everyone that I’ve met in the community to this point.  What educators and communities were able to accomplish by working together last year has left me with a renewed sense of optimism for the future.

I look forward to meeting each of you and to greeting our students in the fall!

Thank you for all you do for our students!


Robert Kahler

Superintendent of Schools, AOS 98